The following general guidelines, which are provided to Users for informational purposes only, have been drafted to guarantee the use of all features of DoveVivo’s website.

We advise you to carefully read the document, which contains essential elements in terms of Privacy and Confidentiality and which, in relation to these aspects, contains the information form for the handling of personal data. In particular, the User who intends to interact with DoveVivo must acknowledge that he or she has read the form and therefore accepts its contents, allowing DoveVivo the processing of his or her personal data.




The user unconditionally accepts the applicability of these terms and conditions of use (hereafter referred to as “Terms of Use”) for every access, visit, and use of DoveVivo’s website. These Terms of Use refer to all information, advice and/or products and services, including those available on the website (“Information”), offered to the User.

It should be noted that the Terms of Use may undergo changes over time and that such changes come into force and will be considered valid and applicable from the moment in which the modified Terms of Use are published on the website. Users of the website are therefore invited to frequently check the Terms of Use in order to verify eventual changes.


Everything contained on DoveVivo’s website is published and offered for the attention of the Users with a purely and merely informative character and purpose: nothing of what is published on the site may be understood as binding recommendations.

DoveVivo is not responsible for damages deriving from the use of (or the impossibility of use of) this website, including damages caused by viruses or derived from the inaccuracy or incompleteness of information, except for damage caused exclusively by fraud or gross negligence by DoveVivo.

DoveVivo is not responsible for damages caused by a lack of adequacy, timeliness or accuracy, for any reason, of this website or of the information contained herein.

DoveVivo is also not responsible for damages caused by the use of electronic means of communication, including, but not limited to, damages derived by failure or delay in the supply of electronic communication, from the interception or the alteration of electronic communication by third parties, or by computer programs used for electronic communication and for the transmission of viruses.

DoveVivo rejects any guarantee, including, but not limited to, warrantees on conditions, quality, merchantability, suitablity for a specific purpose, and the absence of violations.


The information provided by third parties is the expression of the personal opinion of those third parties, who take full responsibility for such opinions. DoveVivo does not assume any responsibility regarding such contributions and/or information.

The hyperlinks present on the website may direct visitors to external websites operated by third parties. DoveVivo is not responsible for the content and operation of these external websites. DoveVivo is also not responsible for the products and services that may be offered on these websites.


Unless otherwise stated, all intellectual property rights on this website and the information herein contained are the exclusive property of DoveVivo. Such rights include, but are not limited to, copyrights, rights to trade names, trademarks, and DoveVivo’s logos and trademark images.

Users are allowed to read this website and information and make copies for personal use only, for example by printing or storing. Any other use of the site or information, such as storing or complete or partial reproduction of DoveVivo’s website on any other external website, is forbidden.


Any partial disability, even of a single clause, of the Terms of Use, does not affect the validity of the Terms of Use in their entirety, which remain valid, effective and enforceable for the Users of the website. In this instance, the invalid provisions will be replaced with other provisions of legal enforceability, which correspond as closely as possible to their original meaning, while maintaining the content and meaning of these Terms of Use.


These Terms of Use are subject exclusively to the Italian legal system. The Court of Milan is summoned for any dispute arising from the use of DoveVivo’s website, and from the application of the present Terms of Use, as well as disputes relating to their existence and/or validity.



Data privacy notice pursuant to Article 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 and Legislative Decree 196/2003, as amended.


The Data Controller is DoveVivo S.p.A., Viale Stelvio, 66 - 20129 MILAN (MI), Tel. 02.6697390, email


The website contains forms which require the user's personal data to be provided: personal data may be requested such as name and surname, e-mail address and other information that the user agrees to voluntarily provide by filling in the form. 
More specifically, the data are required to facilitate access to the following services: “Searching for accommodation", “People & Careers", "Property for rent", “Investing in property" and “Contacts”. 
The use of these services by site users requires the data to be stored within a data management system.
If the organisation acquires information and personal data, such information to date will be used exclusively in order to contact the data subject, using the particulars submitted in order to process queries or requests contained in the message sent.
The following, therefore, are the purposes of the data processing in respect of each service (unless special consent is given for additional purposes):
•    "Searching for accommodation", to process the request and provide answers to queries made to our expert staff
•    “People & Careers”, to assess proposals for collaboration and, as appropriate, to follow them up
•    "Property for rent", to receive and assess reports related to properties and, as appropriate, to follow them up
•    "Investing in property", to receive and assess reports related to properties and, as appropriate, to follow them up
•    "Contacts", to receive reports of any kind and to follow them up.

If the user consents to receiving the “newsletter” service by ticking the relevant box, DoveVivo will use the e-mail address and/or mobile number provided by the user when he/she first registered to receive commercial and/or advertising communications pertaining to its services. If the user has voluntarily provided his/her residential address, the newsletter may contain messages specifically related to the geographical area in question, e.g. related to apartments in the area.
The user may at any time opt out of receiving the newsletter by sending an email to this effect, to the address indicated in the body of each message.

Reserved Area
The website contains a link to the DoveVivo Reserved Area, access to which requires user registration: personal data may be requested such as name and surname, e-mail address and other information that the user agrees to voluntarily provide by filling out the form or data sheets inside the reserved area. Inside the DoveVivo Reserved Area, the user can save available items as his/her favourite products, make appointments and view private documentation related to him/her (e.g. ID documentation, lease agreement etc.). 

The legal basis of the data processing is the contract to which the user is a party, or the execution of pre-contractual measures adopted upon request, or the legitimate interest of the Data Controller, or express consent (only if deemed necessary based on the specific purposes described). The user can obtain more information by contacting the Data Controller.


Data provided voluntarily through the website will be electronically stored in the database of the host server’s site and are protected by suitable data security measures against the risk of loss, destruction and unauthorised access.
Data Processing Operators entrusted with actual data processing operations will have access to the data, and also any technicians and/or advisors appointed to operate the website; the data will not be disclosed to third parties, save as provided for by legislative or regulatory provisions applicable in Italy.


Personal data collected or produced (processed) in relation to the website will be stored exclusively in Europe.


Personal data will be stored:
•    only for the period of time required in order to enable the purposes of the data collection to be achieved, save as otherwise provided for by law, and will thereafter be erased
•    for marketing purposes for at most 2 years
•    for research and recruitment purposes, the data will be processed for at most 2 years from the date when the data subject gave his/her consent, and the data will be erased at the end of this period.


The data subject is entitled to receive confirmation from the Data Controller as to whether or not personal data concerning him/her are being processed and, if so, he/she is entitled:
•    to obtain access to the personal data in question, to request the personal data to be rectified or erased or to have the data processing restricted, or to object to the data processing
•    to receive from the Data Controller personal data pertaining to him/her, in a format that is structured and in common use and readable on an automatic device, and also to transmit this data to another data controller (data portability)
•    to be informed of the existence of an automated decision-making process, including profiling
•    to revoke one's consent at any time, without prejudice to the legality of data processing operations carried out based on consent given prior to the revocation
•    to lodge a complaint to a supervisory authority.


Please note that the provision of personal data is optional. Nevertheless, the non-provision or incorrect provision of data that is deemed necessary (marked with an asterisk) may make it impossible to process the specific request, to be re-contacted or to receive whatever was requested.
The provision of data for marketing activities is optional and not required in order for the services to be performed.


Cookies are small clusters of text recorded locally in the temporary memory of the user's browser, and then stored on the user’s computer for periods of time that range - depending on requirements - from a few hours to a few years, except for profiling cookies that will not be stored for longer than 365 calendar days.

By using cookies, information about the user's preferences and other technical data that can facilitate the browsing experience and enhance the website's use and effectiveness can be stored semi-permanently. For example, cookies can be used to determine whether the user's computer has already connected to the DoveVivo websites, so that novelties can be highlighted or “login” information stored. To safeguard the user, only cookies stored on his/her computer are identified. 

DoveVivo uses cookies or equivalent computer code in order to optimally facilitate visits to its website and to optimise the display of its product assortment. DoveVivo also uses analysis tools for site usability purposes which, by tracking user actions, clarify how the website is used with a view ultimately to improving its functionality and design.

Cookies may be divided into two groups: 
-    those installed by the website owner or operator, called first-party cookies
-    those installed by operators unrelated to the website, called third-party cookies. 

The Data Controller assumes direct responsibility over the management of first-party cookies. 
The responsibility for and management of third-party cookies fall on the respective owners and operators, and their data privacy information must provide suitable mechanisms for refusing consent. 

On this website or product there may be cookies belonging to six different types: 

1. Technical, session and analytical cookies
These cookies are required if the website is to operate properly, and they enable site login operations to be managed, configuration preferences (if available) to be set, or plug-ins to be integrated if required in order to view specific content. 
Technical cookies include those used for statistical and performance analysis purposes, provided they are configured to collect data in an aggregate and anonymous form that provides a general overview of the performance of the sites and content.

2. Traffic analysis and performance cookies
These cookies reveal how visitors use a particular website, what content they have access to and what geographical regions they come from, so that the operation of the website can be evaluated and improved and the production of content can be prioritised in order to optimally satisfy users' information needs. These cookies require the user's consent, and refusal of consent may be communicated directly to the relevant operators.

3. Profiling cookies for marketing and advertising purposes
These are cookies used to deliver advertising content within a website or application. These cookies are used, for example, to track the position of the ad and check whether a user has already seen the ad, but also to monitor the user during their navigation in order to define the relevant profile and to display ads which are associated with their personal interests and socio-demographic characteristics.

4. Widgets and other interconnection tools with external sites and functionalities
These are cookies, often associated with a graphic element of the site such as an action button or a specific logo (for example, the "Like" button of Facebook), used to integrate the functionality of other websites within the website one is presently browsing. These cookies are the responsibility of the respective operators, and the user can oppose their use directly on the information pages of the respective operator.

5. Usability tools
These are features written in application code that allow the site manager to analyse the way in which users interact with the contents and functionalities in order to verify their ease of use, the quality of the design and plan improvements. These scripts are configured not to capture user-typed digital elements that would undermine his/her privacy and are subject to explicit consent. The refusal of consent, when present in the pages of this site, is managed directly by the Data Controller.

The Data Controller endeavours to limit the use of cookies to the minimum required in order to effectively offer to the user the services of this website, and of its other sites and products. More specifically, DoveVivo uses the cookies indicated below:

•    Technical, session and analytical cookies
o     Google Analytics for access and traffic statistics for internal use []

•    Third-party cookies for other purposes (including widgets and pixel tracking)

o    Facebook, limited to social login functionality, “likes" and sharing of DoveVivo content on Facebook []

o    Twitter, limited to social login functionality and sharing of DoveVivo content on Twitter []

If you have further concerns about the use of cookies, you can always prevent them from being set and read by e.g. changing the privacy settings in your browser. 
As each browser - and often different versions of the same browser - acts differently, often in significant ways, the user can independently customise his/her browser preferences, and detailed information on the relevant procedure is to be found in the browser guide. For an overview of relevant procedures for the most popular browsers, the user may visit the website:

Cookies managed by the Data Controller have a maximum duration of 365 days unless the user voluntarily renews by once again providing his/her consent. 
The profiling cookies managed by the Data Controller are anonymous and, once expired, they remain within statistical systems and profiling platforms in aggregate form, not attributable to the User's browser, for general statistical purposes only. 
Cookies managed by third parties have the maximum durations indicated in the respective Cookie Policies.