Why should I co-live?

Co-living is a great choice when you move to a new city

In recent years, the sharing economy has created countless services revolving around sharing things, means of transport, workspaces and homes. The co-living model offers you a way to share living spaces with people who have similar needs and often identical personal and professional profiles.

DoveVivo has been renting co-living apartments since 2007, currently offering thousands of rooms in the largest cities in Italy to predominantly students and young professionals under the age of 35. Together they take part to a larger community that shares interests and several services.

Why should I co-live with DoveVivo?

In our increasingly mobile society, co-living offers enormous advantages to anybody wanting to share their experience of living in a new city with other people. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • save money on rent and other costs: the rent and bills and are split between different people meaning you can afford to live in the center of the biggest cities in Italy with all the services, transport connections and leisure activities that brings. With the DoveVivo formula, you pay an all-inclusive quarterly rate that covers your rent, bills (including Wi-Fi) and maintenance charges
  • share things: buying home appliances makes less and less sense nowadays, but of course washing machine and dishwasher are still on everybody’s ‘must have’ list when looking for a place to live. That’s why DoveVivo apartments are fully furnished and equipped with all the creature comforts you expect, with no additional cost on your rent
  • make new friends and form new relationships: co-living lets you make links as soon as you arrive in a new city as your roommates become companions on your journey. With DoveVivo, you can check out the age and occupation – student or professional (in respect of current privacy laws) – of the roommates already living in the apartment you choose.