How do I rent a room?

Make your life easier and rent a room with DoveVivo!

The decision to move away from home – either for work or studies – involves lots of choices and tasks that require your time and attention. Renting a room therefore needs to be as easy and intuitive as possible.

This is the cornerstone of the DoveVivo model. Each year we invest in making the process of renting a room in a shared home even more efficient, offering future roommates countless solutions to meet their needs and build trust in the sector leader.

Virtual tour

Renting a room with DoveVivo

Deciding to rent a room in a DoveVivo apartment is fast and easy. When you click on a room you like the look of on our website (link), you can see:

  • photos of the room
  • a 3D virtual tour of the apartment (when available)
  • a description of the apartment and the services available
  • the age and occupation of the other roommates
  • location of the apartment, local transport links.

Once you’ve found your perfect room, you’ve got three options:

  • ask for more information: our Contact Center will answer any questions or doubts you have about our service and/or the room you’re interested in
  • book a visit: choose a date, depending on availability, to visit the apartment and the room with one of our sales representatives
  • hold the room: make a request to hold the room. Your request will be confirmed within 24 working hours by our sales representatives.

All you need to do then is check out the rooms in the city you’re moving to and become a DoveVivo roommate in a few simple steps!