Advice for finding your new home

Rent securely with DoveVivo

Choosing to rent a room in an apartment is an important decision when you move to a new city to study or start work. Unfortunately, nowadays we hear endless stories about cons, illegal contracts, sky-high rents and terrible quality housing. When you trust a company like DoveVivo, the Italian leader in the co-living sector, you have peace of mind as we always provide you with tenant protection.

What should I be aware of when renting a room?

Looking for a room in a city you don’t know and want to make sure you won’t regret your decision? Take note of the following advice that will help you get the best living conditions in your new city.

  • legal contract: the contact should be registered and protect you, as tenant, laying out, for instance, how the deposit will be returned
  • certified, legal appliances so you can live in total safety
  • furniture and appliances: it’s a good idea to choose a home offering all the comforts you need to avoid spending any more than necessary
  • neighborhood: make sure you’re living in a safe neighborhood, close to the main universities and business areas, well served by public transport and close to services
  • roommates: it’s best to live with people of the same age, occupation (professionals/students) and interests to make it easier to socialize and become friends.

The DoveVivo formula meets each and every one of these points, offering legal and registered contracts in safe and legal apartments. Our apartments are also recently renovated, furnished and equipped with all the appliances you’ll need. And that’s not all. With a community of over one thousand people, DoveVivo lets you choose your perfect apartment while taking into account the profiles of your future roommates.

Still got some doubts? Remember our advice, choose your co-living room and enjoy living in your new city!