Do you have property to rent?

DoveVivo is perfect for you!

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Are you an estate agent or do you have property to rent?

Are you an estate agent or do you have property to rent?

If you're looking for the right tenant for the owner who entrusted you with his/her property, you're in luck! DoveVivo will take care of it!

Collaboriamo sinergicamente con te

At DoveVivo, we want to collaborate with you. Like us, you offer your experience and expertise to those who have an apartment to rent or who need to find a new place to live, finding the best solution to every situation.

We get results

We get results

We work in synergy with our clients, two partners who support each other over the long term to get great results - together.

A stress-free formula for property owners

A stress-free formula for property owners

We offer new opportunities for collaboration and business development and years of experience in the industry. We work to ensure those we partner with are protected, at ease and secure as we forge simple, replicable paths to various negotiations and create winning relationships over the long term.

Vantaggi per le agenzie

New business opportunities for estate agents

New opportunities

with an extension of collaboration for multiple rental units.

So many benefits for agencies collaborating with DoveVivo


thanks to a clear modus operandi that's shared with the estate agent.

Estate Agents form rewarding partnerships with DoveVivo

A potential lessee

who you can present new units to, creating a winning relationship over the long term.