Do you have property to rent?

DoveVivo is perfect for you!

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Sei proprietario di un immobile da affittare?

Do you have property to rent?

Do you have property to rent?

Are you looking for a way to rent your property that's safe, reliable and stress-free? DoveVivo is the perfect partner for you!




Do you want to earn an easy, consistent income from your property?

Do you own a property but never have the time to manage it? Have you had negative experiences in the past and want to avoid them in the future?
Place your trust in DoveVivo, a professional property rental company which will care for your apartment and handle its management for the entire duration of the lease.



Reliable income from your rental apartment

Reliable income from your rental apartment

No financial risk: with DoveVivo there are no delays, vacancies, delinquencies or losses.
No contractual risk: with DoveVivo you avoid property abandonment, tenants overstaying their contract, and legal actions.


A stress-free formula for property owners

A stress-free formula for property owners

Complete management of the rental unit: DoveVivo handles the search for and relationship with tenants, and maintenance and bureaucratic obligations.
Involved delegation: to maintain total transparency, DoveVivo will always keep you involved and informed, sharing each step as we manage your rental unit.


Reliable, professional, trustworthy

With property owners and tenants, DoveVivo establishes long-lasting relationships, based on trust and dependability..
    • Analyses the property and its surroundings and signs a standard 4+4 years contract with the owner, with permission to sublet.
    • Remodels the property and renovates the furniture, as necessary, and activates the utilities and meets red tape requirements.
  • Selects tenants based, on property and condominium characteristics.
  • Signs sublease contracts with the tenants.
  • Throughout the contract period, provides ongoing support for tenants and owners, offering a wide range of services, including scheduled maintenance, prompt and professional management of extraordinary works, relationships with condo administrations and co-tenants.

Vantaggi per i proprietari

Advantages for property owners
Peace of mind about the rental income from your property

Guaranteed rental income

DoveVivo maximises profitability by eliminating vacancies and legal costs related to renting. The rent is guaranteed, on-time and paid directly by DoveVivo, meaning that it's consistent for the duration of the contract.

Rent out your property without any hassle

Stress-free leasing

DoveVivo handles everything, from restyling the property to fit current market conditions, to bureaucratic aspects, to careful screening of tenants and the management of their leases, freeing you from inconveniences and unforeseen problems.

DoveVivo guarantees reliability and expertise

A reliable guardian

DoveVivo manages your apartment while fully respecting the terms of the lease and with transparency in our actions and our relationships. We cautiously select tenants and take care of your apartment just like you would!

DoveVivo's professionalism at your service

Professional and reliable

DoveVivo is specialized in the rental and co-living sector, ensuring utmost reliability and professionalism. Our exponential growth means stability and consistency over time.

Choose DoveVivo and join 250 property owners who already have

Here's what property owners have to say:

A great solution for hassle-free renting without complications, especially with tenants. DoveVivo is reliable and takes all my problems off my hands!

Mariagrazia Mariniello

It is a conscientious and reliable company which pays regularly. It takes care of all the tasks related to tenants and all the uncertainties connected to renting a property.

Cesare Giorgi

An excellent solution for anyone who doesn't have time to deal with the paperwork and management of an apartment to be rented out. It takes care of all the hassle.

Marianna Angelini

It comes across as a very proactive, efficient and punctual company... I contacted them Friday morning and by Saturday they were ready to view the apartment.

Rosamaria Miadonna

They choose the tenants, they are conscientious, punctual, and quick to rent out properties - they see to everything so I don't need to worry.

Fabrizio Longhini

DoveVivo is reliable, thorough, and punctual with payments, as well as being quick to resolve any problems which may arise.

Antonio Nazari